Stephen Colbert’s voice can now warn you about potholes as the voice of Waze

Stephen Colbert

Have you ever been using Google Maps while driving your car and thought, “Man, it would be awesome if Stephen Colbert’s voice gave me these directions and not this robot thing,”?

Well, crowdsourced GPS app Waze has the answer to your hopes as well as your dreams. Popular soon-to-be Late Show host (and former Colbert Report progenitor) Stephen Colbert is set to be featured as a voice in the app, but just for a limited time – only until September 22nd.

Waze is the largest community-based traffic and navigation app. It allows drivers in your local area to share traffic conditions, road issues as well as maps edits, ensuring the app’s information is always up to date. It was purchased by Google last year for $1.3 billion USD.

Waze is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone for free.