LG’s Nexus will reportedly be called the Nexus 5X, will start at $400 USD

Nexus 5

The upcoming LG Nexus will be more expensive than its 2013 predecessor. That’s just one of the details to come from a new report from Android Authority that includes a variety of tidbits we haven’t seen in previous leaks.

To start, Google and LG reportedly have yet settle on a name for the phone, but, for the time being, they’re leaning on Nexus 5X. (In other news, I’m happy to not have to awkwardly refer to it as the 2015 Nexus 5 anymore.)

What is likely to make a lot of people happy is that the 5X will not only be announced on September 29, it will be available on the Google Store that same day. This corroborates the information that CNET published yesterday.

Android Authority also says it’s able to confirm that the image of the Nexus 5X that has been floating around the Internet is genuine. The back of the phone definitely looks like that, and, yes, that circle is a fingerprint scanner. The phone will reportedly be available in white, black and light blue.

Nexus 5In terms of price, the 5X will reportedly cost $399 USD for the 16GB variant and $449 USD for the 32GB one. That’s already $50 more than the original Nexus 5, and with the Canadian dollar being as weak as it is, it’s likely safe to assume that people here will have to pay even more to get a hold of Google’s latest Nexus device. We’re thinking $499 CAD for the 16GB model and $549 for the 32GB model. To compare, the Nexus 6 debuted at $749.99 for the 32GB model, but was recently reduced to $599.99.

There you have it, with this latest report most of the mystery surrounding the Nexus 5X is gone; all that’s left is to let Google announce the device.

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