This Star Wars Millennium Falcon quadcopter is real, and it flies

“Strong in Toronto today, the Force is,” as this city joined 15 others from around the world in an epic global toy unboxing event for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Canadian YouTuber and Toy unboxing host, Corey Vidal teased the crowd at the Metro Convention Centre by telling us that the toy he was about to unveil was “better than BB-8,” and, man, did he deliver. Vidal and his co-host, fellow YouTuber Quill 18, unboxed two remote controlled flying toys including the official Star Wars drone, a Millennium Falcon Quadcopter. The crowd went crazy.

Photo 2015-09-03, 9 23 21 AM

The first toy to be unboxed was a real flying X-Wing Starfighter which uses its ducted propellers to fly up to a range of 250 feet away. The toy is built with high-density foam which is important for those just learning how to fly. The Starfighter was the larger of the two and is controlled by 2.4GHz remote control. The toy will sell at a suggested retail price of $79.99.

Photo 2015-09-03, 9 22 23 AM

But the showstopper really was the second and final toy to be unboxed in Toronto, the remote controlled Millennium Falcon Quad, known as the official Star Wars drone. Outside of the lightsaber, the Millennium Falcon is the most prominent icon in the Star Wars universe, so to be able to own a flying ship is a little piece of Star Wars heaven.

The Falcon flies using its quad rotors which are concealed in the body of the ship which is also foam making it durable. The toy comes complete with sound various sound effects including hyperspace mode, and can fly up to 200 feet away using the 2.4GHz remote control included with the product. The Falcon will retail for $129.99.

Toronto was the eleventh city in the 18-hour global toy unboxing. Some of the other toys unveiled include a new Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon with Han Solo and Chewbacca figurines, the BB-8 robot by Sphero, and the Jedi lightsaber that comes with several attachments.

Toys “R” Us will have all of the new Star Wars toys, including the $189.95 Sphero BB-8 robot, the $129.99 Millennium Falcon and the $79.99 X-Wing Starfighter, starting tomorrow, September 4th.