Acer unveils Jade Primo, the first ‘PC Phone’ powered by Windows 10

Acer Jade Primo

On Wednesday, Acer took a break from showing off its gaming focused tablets and smartphones, to unveil the company’s first “PC Phone”.

Dubbed the Jade Primo, the phone doubles as a substitute desktop PC thanks to the help of Windows 10.

During its keynote, Acer showed the phone powering an entire desktop workstation using a compatible dock and Continuum, the Windows 10 feature allowing Jade Primo work as a substitute PC. Acer says the phone will ship with a dock, keyboard and mouse, though it looks like consumers will have to provide their own monitor.

Beyond showing off the Continuum functionality, Acer didn’t provide a lot of other specifics about the device. The phone is still in the prototype stage and likely won’t release until sometime next year. In terms of internal hardware, the Jade Primo come equipped with a 5.5-inch AMOLED display sourced from Samsung, a 21 megapixel main camera with dual-LED flash and a Snapdragon 808 processor.

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