Bell (sort of) changes price plans to match Rogers’ Share Everything+


Bell this week updated its Family and Personal share plans to reflect some changes made to Rogers’ own plans as part of its Share Everything+ changes.

Specifically, Bell has done away with its 4GB and 6GB data allotments, settling for a single 5GB choice. But whereas Rogers offers more manageable deltas between the plans — 2.5GB rises to 5GB to 9GB — Bell has maintained its 2GB and 10GB options, with a single 5GB plan in the middle.


Now that Rogers and Bell have eliminated the 6GB option, Telus is the remaining carrier of the Big Three to offer it.telusplans

Telus’s options look disjointed compared to its competitors now. For $45, customers get 3.5GB of shared data per month; jumping to 6GB costs $65.

At Rogers and Bell, the single choice of 5GB costs what Bell was previously charging for 4GB of data — $50 — but that consolidation has led to the elimination of a very popular benchmark for monthly smartphone usage.

Based on previous trends, it’s unlikely Telus is going to keep its currently lineup in tact. So if you’re looking for a 6GB plan at Telus, you may only have a few days to snap it up.