Twitter reveals plans to create ‘more unified’ experience on iOS, admits current iOS app is subpar


Twitter says it has plans to create a ‘more unified’ experience across iOS devices, admitting there is a significant difference between how the platform’s app operates on the iPhone and iPad when it comes to a user experience level. Soon Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for iPad won’t exist; instead, they’ll be replaced by one unified app experience called Twitter for iOS.

“Now, Twitter apps on these devices will be more consistent regardless of which one you’re using,” writes Twitter in a recent blog post.

“Starting today, iPad users will be able to create and see revamped quote Tweets, explore trending topics in search, visit product and place pages, and more.”

While Twitter for iPad and Twitter for iPhone share some of the same code, each app is specifically tailored to its platform. This means that updating each app takes a significant amount of extra effort, and because of this fact the iPad version of Twitter is rarely updated.

With this new redesign, the company aims to build a fluid interface that can adapt to different conditions and, “always provide an optimized experience for a particular device.”

Twitter frequently gets flack for being slow to evolve its platform (especially when it comes to monetization), but it seems like the company is finally pushing forward with its often rumoured “responsive design” revamp, a the first step in this process is creating a unified iOS interface, which makes sense because an update to Twitter’s iOS app has been long overdue.

The company’s responsive design rollout is likely linked to Apple’s upcoming keynote presentation, as well as the impending launch of iOS 9, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system that’s set to bring a slew of new features to the platform. The ability to multitask and have two applications open at the same time in iOS 9 likely encouraged Twitter to revamp its iOS app, as well.

There’s no word yet on if Twitter is planning to also revamp its Android app at some point in the future