Instagram is launching 30-second video ads in its latest monetization effort

instagrama ds

Get ready, Instagram is about to become a little more ad-focused.

The photo sharing platform revealed it has plans to ramp up the number of countries its advertising service is available in to 30. The list of available regions now includes Italy, Spain, South Korea, India and Mexico. Last November the social network rolled out its advertising platform in Canada.

Instagram’s new and improved (depending on how you look at it) advertising system allows marketers to take advantage of 30-second videos. Previously ads were confined to only a handful of U.S. companies and were also limited to 15 seconds – the same length of video regular users can post.

Instagram says that raising its ad video length to 30-seconds will “give ads a more cinematic feel” and allow marketers to “engage in richer storytelling”.

Brands are also able to use a new feature called Marquee, designed to help reach a large number of users in a relatively short time-frame. Instagram says Marquee will help companies market short-term events like a movie premiere or product launch.

In an effort to monetize, Instagram has ramped up its focus on advertising over the last few months, launching ads with call-to-action buttons like “shop now” and “install now”, as well as swipeable carousel advertisements.

Back in 2012, Facebook purchased Instagram for US$1 billion.

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