Montreal’s P$ Mobile parking app now has 532,000 subscribers

Montreal’s P$ Mobile Service allows customers to pay for parking spot using an iPhone, BlackBerry and Android app, as well as the company’s website. The mobile app launched in 2012 and within its first year amassed over 200,000 registered users.

Three years after first becoming available, Stationnement de Montréal announced that the service is now used by about 532,000 subscribers. P$ Mobile went on to state that about 31 percent of its subscribers (164,920) use the app at least once a week, and that 63 percent use the P$ Mobile app exclusively.

The P$ Mobile app allows users to pay for parking remotely and sends alerts if they’ve been ticketed. P$ Mobile does charge a $0.20 service fee on top of the regular parking charge, which is an improvement from the $0.40 it charged in 2012.

Montreal was one of the first cities in Canada to unveil a pay for parking app. The Calgary Parking Authority launched their “Text to Park” option back in 2012 and Toronto’s Green P recently brought the option for its customers to pay for parking within its app.

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