Game of the Week: Infinity Blade 3 (it’s free)

Infinity Blade 3

In this new series on MobileSyrup, every week I’ll show you a mobile game worth playing.

Chair Entertainment and Epic Games’ 2013 mobile fighting game, Infinity Blade 3, is free right now on the iOS App Store, which is a significant part of why I decided to select the title as our game of the week (it’s also a great game built from the ground up with mobile in mind).

As a bonus, this free download offer also includes all the game’s numerous expansions, as well as 7,600 pieces of concept art originally created during the development of Infinity Blade: Dungeons, a canceled series spin-off.

For the uninitiated, in Infinity Blade 3 players take on the role of a warrior equipped with a massive sword. Controls involve simple touches, swipes and screen presses. The series is also known as one of the most graphically impressive mobile game franchises in existence thanks to the power of its Unreal Engine based programming.

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Players alternate between blocking/dodging attacks (by pressing an on-screen shield button), and jumping on the offensive, slashing in different directions across the iPhone’s screen. Additionally, certain enemies in the game have different directional weaknesses. The entire experience is turn-based and built from the ground up with touchscreen devices in mind.

After spending some time with Infinity Blade 3, I quickly realized how detailed its graphics really are. At times it’s even difficult to believe the game was released in 2013, let alone the fact that it’s running on an iPhone. Infinity Blade 3’s visuals are so impressive they’re almost on par with some console titles. The game was developed to take advantage of Apple’s new-at-the-time 64-bit A7 chip, which debuted with the iPhone 5s.

You can download Infinity Blade 3 free for the next week on the iOS App Store. The game is regularly priced at $7.