Google and Twitter are working on an open-source version of Facebook’s Instant Articles

Twitter and Google

According to a report from Re/code. Google and Twitter are working together on a competitor to Facebook’s Instant Articles.

The platform, which launched back in May, hosts content from news publishers like The New York Times and BuzzFeed on Facebook’s servers, significantly reducing the time it takes that content to load on the company’s mobile app.

Like Facebook, Twitter and Google want want to make news content their users find via tweets or searches load nearly instantly.

The twist is that the two tech companies are planning to make their platform open source. Moreover, unlike Facebook, they do not plan to host publishers’ content on their own servers; instead, the plan is to show users cached web pages. “The world needs an answer to proprietary instant articles, and Twitter and Google could provide it,” says an unnamed source interviewed by Re/code.

The service is set to rollout sometime this fall with a small set of initial launch partners. Google and Twitter are also reportedly attempting to convince other tech companies to adopt the platform.