Apple slashes cost of Canadian iCloud storage plans

iCloud Pricing

Last week, Apple revealed plans to launch more expansive and affordable iCloud storage plans during the company’s big keynote presentation, and now we finally know how much these new tiers will cost in Canada.

50GB will set you back $1.29 CAD a month; 200 GB is priced at $3.99; and 1TB costs $12.99. Previous pricing and size tiers included 20GB for $0.99 a month, 200GB for $3.99 (this price hasn’t changed), 500GB for $9.99 and 1TB for $19.99. It seems Apple has nixed the 20GB and 500GB plans and kept the cost of the 200GB upgrade identical, likely due to the exchange rate.


Current iCloud users on monthly plans will be rolled over to the new plans. Canadian customers on the former 20GB/$0.99 plan will begin to see an extra 30 cents on their bills next month, along with 30GB of extra storage. Customers on annual plans won’t see any pricing changes at this point.

Despite the fact that pricing is now available, these new iCloud size/cost levels haven’t officially launched yet. Apple plans to make them available as iOS 9 continues to roll out over the course of Wednesday.