Apple’s first Android app, Move to iOS, is now available to download

move to ios

With iOS 9 now available to iPhone and iPad users, Apple has officially launched its first Android app.

Move to iOS allows users to easily transfer content from an Android device to a new iPhone, including contacts, message history, photos and videos, web bookmarks, mail accounts, calendars, DRM-free songs, books, and wallpapers. It is compatible with Android devices running version 4.0 and above, which comprises over 90 percent of the overall market.

Apple notes, “When you choose to migrate your data, your new iPhone or iPad will create a private Wi-Fi network and find your nearby Android device running Move to iOS. After you enter a security code, it will begin transferring your content and put it in the right places.”

Originally announced at WWDC in June, Apple suggests that once you have successfully transferred all the info you can recycle the old Android phones for free at any Apple Store.

The next Apple app coming to Android will be Apple Music.

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