Microsoft could be planning to implement Cortana voice-activated assistant in new in-car entertainment system


The successor to the Microsoft’s in-car entertainment platform could take advantage Microsoft’s voice-activated assistant, Cortana.

According to Gizmodo, at a recent Microsoft event in Taiwan, the company’s chief operating officer Samuel Shen, discussed an automotive platform that projects Cortana, the player’s popular AI companion from the Halo franchise, onto the windshield of a vehicle.

Shen says that the idea behind this project is to give drivers the information they need without forcing them to remove their gaze from the road.

The project also seems to be in some way linked to Windows 10, at least in terms of aesthetics, although Shen didn’t go into specifics during his presentation.

In the past Microsoft has worked with automotive industry partners on projects like Ford MySync on “one-off” entertainment platforms. This new still unnamed in-car entertainment system seems to be Microsoft’s latest attempt at creating a universal vehicle-focused operating system, similar to Apple’s CarPlay and Android Auto. Microsoft has also worked with BMW on an in-car entertainment system in the past as well.