Microsoft is finally ending Zune Services on November 15

Zune HD

After limping along for the last few years, Microsoft has finally announced it’s planning to shut down Microsoft Zune Services on November 15.

With the failed music streaming platform finally closing its doors, Microsoft is warning Zune owners that they will no longer be able to download or stream purchased media. Copy-protected material downloaded through Zune also might not be playable anymore after this date since it’s unclear if licenses renew.

However, Microsoft also notes Zune devices will continue to function just like they always have. This means that your fancy Zune HD won’t turn into a small brick of useless plastic once mid November rolls along.

Of course the ability to sync music from a PC to your Zune is still a possibility, and is now the only option for people still clinging to the device.

Zune HD was released in 2009 and then quickly discontinued in 2011. Despite relatively positive reviews from critics and users, as well as advanced hardware, at least at the time, Microsoft’s Zune MP3 player line never took off and was unable to compete with Apple iPod.

Image credit: Wikipedia