Apple Music now has 15 million subscribers, company considers service a success

Apple Music

According to recently released statistics, since Apple Music’s launch in June the streaming service has amassed 15 million subscribers, although it’s important to point out none of these users currently pay a subscription fee.

This is a sizeable increase of approximately 36 percent since Apple Music reported its initial 11 million subscriber statistic approximately six weeks ago in early August. The new data also indicates about half of current Apple Music users haven’t turned off the service’s auto-pay option, which means in only a few days the platform will likely have a significant number of paid subscribers.

As of September 30, anyone who signed up for Apple Music when the platform first launched on June 30, will be forced to start paying the service’s $9.99 a month subscription fee now that the initial three month trial period has expired.

In comparison, Spotify, which officially launched in the U.S. in 2011, has 75 million users, and of this number, only 20 million are paid subscribers. According to the New York Post, competing platforms such as Pandora (which is a U.S. exclusive music streaming platform) and Spotify, reportedly haven’t experienced a significant decrease in subscriber numbers since Apple Music’s launch.

To put this in perspective, if just 7.5 million Apple Music subscribers opt to stick with the service after their initial three month free trial period ends, Apple will have already achieved approximately a third of Spotify’s 20 million global paid users.

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