Action Launcher 3.6 adds super useful Quickfind feature

One of the more popular custom launchers for Android, Action Launcher, has been updated with a really nice little feature called Quickfind.

Similar to the new permanent search bar found in Google’s new Marshmallow-based launcher (which should be rolling out to everyone), Quickfind makes it ultra-fast to search for apps and widgets from either the home screen or app drawer.

Action Launcher is already one of the better solutions for quickly finding favourite apps or shortcuts; in addition to the traditional app drawer, developer Chris Lacy has created a left-side sliding drawer of all one’s apps, and an optional right-side alternate homepage called Quickpage.

Quickfind, however, fits in with the traditional Android workflow, and having it accessible from the home screen through a swipe-down shortcut, with keyboard open and at the ready, makes it particularly appealing.

The new version of Action Launcher also re-themes the Quickbar, one of Lacy’s other recent additions to the app, with several versions of Google’s new logo.

Action Launcher is a free download, with optional in-app purchases for premium features (like Quickdrawer).

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