Crossy Road developers reveal their next pixelated game, Shooty Skies

Shooty Skies

The team behind Crossy Road, a surprise iOS and Android hit that is essentially just a three dimensional version of Frogger, has announced their next title.

Matt Hall and Andy Sum, two members of Crossy Road’s Hipster Whale development team, are working with Mighty Games on the aptly named, Shooty Skies.

Hall and Sum’s signature Minecraft-inspired pixelated graphics are prominently featured in the upcoming game, as is the simple gameplay the duo has become known for.

Shooty Skies adopts a top-down perspective and seems to follow the mould of a traditional shooter, tasking the player with taking out oncoming airborne enemies, as well as collecting various types of power-ups.

According to recently released gameplay footage, Shooty Skies’ foes include a flying LCD television with a picture of a cat on it, spinning aerial felines, YouTube play buttons and a giant mouth – it’s safe to say Mighty Games wants to evoke an aura of weirdness with Shooty Skies.

Mighty Games other in-development titles include Age of Solitaire and Ice Cream Age. Hipster Whale’s Crossy Road was also featured as an upcoming Apple TV game during Apple’s recent keynote presentation. The studio recently worked with Bandai Namco to release Pacman 256, a fun and loving take on the classic game.

Shooty Skies doesn’t have a specific release date but the game is expected to drop at some point in the very near future on both iOS and Android.