BuzzFeed’s mobile news app lands on Android

Today, BuzzFeed is launching an Android version of its shareable content-focused iOS app.

Similar to the news website’s iOS application, the Android version of Buzzfeed’s app is set to support a variety of story approaches: free-form text, bulleted and numbered lists, timelines, images, photo galleries, charts, maps and quotes.

Push notifications can also be specifically set to alert readers to content they’re personally interested in, and a “Do Not Disturb” feature allows users to completely turn this feature off. This means that if you aren’t a fan of BuzzFeed’s viral content and instead prefer the website’s longer form articles, you can opt to only receive specific notifications regarding what you actually want to read.

BuzzFeed’s news app won’t feature just Canadian-specific stories and instead will be curated by a global editorial team that pulls content from BuzzFeed’s various regions.

BuzzFeed has also released a number of interesting statistics related to its iOS app. The app has been downloaded over 350,000 times worldwide and on average, users spend approximately four to five minutes browsing the app per session. Also, outside of its U.S. audience, BuzzFeed receives the most traffic to its app from Canadians.

In other BuzzFeed related news, the company recently launched an Apple Watch app that’s basically a Tamagotchi.