DxOMark says Sony Xperia Z5 has the best phone camera ever

Xperia Z5

One day after it proclaimed the camera on the Nexus 6P the second best shooter on a smartphone, DxOMark has crowned a new champion. Sony’s new Xperia z5 is now the best camera phone money can buy, according to the independent imaging organization.

With an overall score of 87, the Z5 has surpassed DxOMark’s previous leader, the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge (and, presumably, the other Galaxy devices from this year). DxOMark was particularly impressed with the Z5’s autofocus capabilities, saying the phone’s camera was able to quickly and accurately focus in on a subject in a variety of lighting conditions. In fact, autofocus performance was so good, DxOMark had no issues proclaiming the Z5’s phase detection autofocus module the best it has tested to date.

The website was also impressed by the Z5’s flash performance — this is the area the phone managed to gain the most ground over the S6 edge. According to DxOMark’s testing, the Z5, even when using its flash module to create better lightning, was great at preserving detail and producing a pleasant white balance.

On the video side, the company was also impressed with Sony’s excellent electronic stabilization, which exceeded many optical image stabilization implementations from companies like Samsung and LG.

It’s not a perfect camera by any means, of course. Sony’s latest flagship smartphone has a tendency to produce artifacts when shooting large swaths of blue sky, and HDR performance was a subpar.