Google might be working on bringing augmented holograms to Google Glass sequel

Project Aura

Today Google was granted a new patent that could allow the company to integrate augmented reality (AR)technology Holograms into Glass eyewear wearable.

Diagrams within the patent filing show how the company could merge CGI imagery with its head mounted display, creating a device that’s very similar to Microsoft’s HoloLens.

While the patent filing is interesting in itself, Google also recently lead a $542 million funding round for augmented reality startup Magic Leap, which might indicate Google’s smart eyewear could become the platform for Magic Leap’s augmented reality technology.

While Glass’ popularity seems to have stumbled recently, likely due to the fact that it is a clunky, awkward looking device with few real world use cases, Google has plans to revive the project via Project Aura.

Google’s new patent is entitled, “Lightguide With Multiple In-Coupling Holograms For Head Wearable Display,” and details how Google might use the technology to create AR holograms, adding another layer of information to the world around the wearer. The patent goes on to describe specifically how the technology would work, “With augmented reality the viewer’s image of the world is augmented with an overlaying CGI, also referred to as a heads-up display.”

While nothing is confirmed, Google’s investment in Magic Leap could indicate the companies various AR video game projects

The augmented reality patent was filed back in 2014 but was only granted today.