Photoshop Fix is a free, miniature version of Adobe’s powerful image editing software

Photoshop Fix

Adobe has a new mobile app for anyone that has ever wanted to try out its expensive suite of image editing software.

As the name implies, Photoshop Fix is all about enabling users to restore and retouch their photos. At first glance, that doesn’t seem like much, but Adobe has been fairly generous here, granting users access to many of the tools that are available in the desktop version of the program. For example, with Photoshop Fix it’s possible to erase imperfections by blending surrounding pixels together, as well as paint various layers in the same way that one does in Photoshop proper.

For the most part, these tools work well enough. Obviously how much you’re going to get out of Photoshop Fix depends on your proficiency the program. Moreover, the app is definitely more useable on a tablet than it is on a smartphone.

That said, if there’s one feature in Photoshop Fix that is sure to create backlash, it’s the ability to easily and quickly make changes to a person’s face.

When working on a portrait of a person, the app will automatically detect the different features that make up a face. Using a variety of sliders, it’s possible to adjust, as Adobe did during the iPad Pro unveiling, a person’s facial expression. It’s also possible to change the size of a person’s eyes and nose. In other words, it makes the things Photoshop is derided for even easier. For its part, Adobe says it’s up to users to use these tools responsibly (they’re set to make their way to the desktop version of the app later in the year).

Photoshop is currently available on the iPhone and iPad. Using the app requires signing up for an Adobe Creative Cloud account, which is also free. An Android version of the app is “coming soon,” according to Adobe.

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