Spotify’s Android app can now stream music to MirrorLink compatible cars


If you’re looking for a way to listen to the tunes on your Android smartphone while driving, a new app called RockScout wants to help out.

RockScout’s claim to fame is that it enables Spotify users to stream audio from the company’s Android app to their MirrorLink compatible dash system. Spotify, it should be noted, is already compatible with Android Auto and CarPlay, though vehicles that support those two platforms are still only making their way to Canada slowly.

MirrorLink, on the other hand, is supported by several car manufacturers — the standard is maintained by the Car Connectivity Consortium  — and can be found in a lot of aftermarket units.

Like the infotainment solutions that come from Google and Apple, MirrorLink allows a user to access part of their smartphone’s functionality with either an in-dash touch screen or rotary knob. It’s not necessarily a distraction-free solution, but at the very least it reduces the amount of time drivers have to handle their smartphone while driving.

Thanks to the fact that RockScout uses Android’s Media Browser Service API, developers can make their music apps MirrorLink compatible with a minimal amount of additional work.

Download RockScout from the Google Play Store.