Microsoft announces Surface Book, a laptop that can turn into a tablet

Surface Book

In a surprise twist, Microsoft announced the Surface Book, the first ever laptop built by the company.

The laptop features Microsoft’s PixelSense, the same display technology that’s included in the company’s new Surface Pro 4 tablet, and measures in at 13.5-inches. It is, according to Microsoft, the fastest 13-inch laptop currently on the market — the company claims it is two times faster than the Macbook Pro. The device features a discrete Nvidia GeForce GPU that runs on high-speed GDDR5 memory and is able to run games like the new Gears of War remaster with ease.

img_8735With a 1.6mm key travel time, the laptop features a best-in-class keyboard, according to Microsoft’s Panos Panay. The keyboard also features backlit keys.

The device is also able to last 12 hours on a single battery charge.

Surface BookLast, but certainly not least, using the company’s patented fulcrum hinge, the Surface Book’s screen is able to detach from the keyboard and turn into a fully functional tablet. Microsoft has spread the device’s components across the keyboard and screen — the dedicated GPU, for instance, is located under the keyboard. Moreover, the base of the screen has multiple ports for full connectivity.

Update: We have confirmed that the Surface Book starts shipping on October 26 and will start at $1,949 CAD.