iMessage and FaceTime activation on Wind is working right now

Wind Mobile

Wind Mobile has always been a little fish in a big pond, competing with the likes of Rogers, Bell and Telus using cheaper, city-focused unlimited plans. For years, the Wind network wasn’t compatible at all with the iPhone, until 2014 when the carrier officially began supporting Apple’s phones, as long as you bought (and brought) your own. However, there were several limitations with using an iPhone on the Wind network, including the fact that iMessage and FaceTime would not activate correctly with a phone number.

However, in a Reddit post this weekend, several users confirmed that they were able to activate iMessage on their iPhones, separate from any obvious software update. This would suggest that something has been switched on from Wind’s end to enable the activation of these features. Wind Mobile has yet to confirm this is actually a permanent change on their end, but an Apple Genius has apparently confirmed that users should be able to activate iMessage and FaceTime on the Wind network now.

We have reached out to Wind for confirmation, but for the time being users are reporting successful activation on their devices.