Monument Valley developer releases Pause, an app to help you relax


If you’re like me and sometimes find the the always-on nature of the modern world to be overwhelming, then the you’ll want to check out Pause, the latest app from ustwo, the design house behind the wonderful Monument Valley.

Released today for $2.29, the app attempts, like its name suggests, to give anyone that tries it a respite from the daily grind.

Starting the app up, you’re prompted to place your finger on a small, undulating blob. Start dragging the blob around and it will begin to grow, satisfyingly so, until it takes up the entirety of the screen. Once the blob has reached that point, you’re prompted to close your eyes and take in the moment.

This part of the experience is accompanied by soothing ambient music and sounds that help hone your focus.

In my time with Pause I definitely found it to be helpful. I’ve tried mediation in the past, but have always had trouble keeping my mind focused on a single thing like my breaking. With Pause, though, I found a sense of calm wash over me. Results will obviously vary per individual, but it’s definitely worth checking out.

Pause is currently only available on iOS devices.

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