Skype gives users 20 minutes of call time to make up for September 21st outage

Skype iOS

After a major service outage took out Skype on September 21, Microsoft is attempting to make amends by giving users free call time to make up for the outage.

The company detailed the arrangement in an email sent out earlier today.

“Our mission at Skype is to help keep you closer and do more with the people who matter to you most. It’s a simple commitment, but one which we hold ourselves highly accountable for. On September 21, we experienced an issue that prevented us from delivering on our mission,” says the apology.

“We’re sorry for the technical issue we suffered that day. We know how important our service is to you and how frustrating outages like this can be. We also know that sometimes saying sorry just isn’t enough.”

Over the next couple of days, users will have 20 minutes of call time added to their account, which they’ll need to use over the course of seven days.

It’s currently unclear how many users will be gifted the free time. I received the email — despite the fact I did not use Skype that day — but have yet to see the free time added to my account.

How you received the email from Microsoft? Has call time been added to your account? Tell us in the comments section below.