Microsoft likely isn’t releasing Lumia cases, launches ‘designed for Lumia’ accessory certification

Lumia 950

On the heels of Microsoft’s revealing its new line of Windows 10-based smartphones, the Lumia 950, Lumia 950 XL, and Lumia 550, the company has launched a new “Designed for Lumia” third-party accessory manufacturer certification program.

Manufacturers such as Finland-based Mozo and Sweden-based Krusell have signed on to be official case makers for Microsoft’s recently announced Lumia line. Each “Designed for Microsoft Lumia” product will come with a logo declaring its authenticity.

So far Microsoft hasn’t confirmed if the company also has plans to manufacturer its own cases, or listed any Lumia accessories on its web store. It seems the company has instead opted to rely on third-parties to create cases, screen protectors and other Windows Phone 10 related accessories for its latest Windows 10-based devices.

Many of the already announced third-party cases designed by Mozo as well as Krussel feature Qi wireless charging technology.

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