Nexus 6P now showing as “Unavailable to purchase” in Canada on Google Store

The Nexus 6P is now showing as “Unavailable in your country” to Canadians on Google’s Ecommerce store, a strange turn of events considering the device was available to purchase and pre-order just two days ago.

It’s unclear whether Google ran out of inventory in every size and colour, and decided to merely remove it from the Google Store altogether, or whether something else is afoot.

Meanwhile, the Nexus 5X now says that it is shipping on October 19th, which is one week from tomorrow. At least, the “Carbon” (black) and “Quartz” (white) models do — the “Ice” (mint blue) variant will ship on October 22nd.

Many Canadians managed to get their Nexus 6P orders in before it reverted to waitlisting future buyers, but in the meantime we hope this is just a glitch in the Matrix and not something more serious.