Marshmallow brings a built-in file manager to stock Android

One of Android’s (as well as iOS’) biggest issues is a lack of a cohesive universal file manager. Up until now Google has relied on third-party developer applications such as ES File Explorer, Antek Explorer and Astro to fill this void, but finally, the latest version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow features a built-in file manager, a feature users have been requesting for years. Previous versions had an app called Downloads, but that only gave access to a few core directories.

To access the file manager you first need Android 6.0 Marshmallow installed on your smartphone; next open Settings, enter Storage/USB, scroll down and tap explore. This will give you access to the back end of your Android device, allowing users to sort their files in a specific order or share them using an installed application.

There currently isn’t any way to cut existing files or create new folders with Marshmallows file management software, as well as perform a variety of other features commonly found in app-based file managers. This means that third-party file management software isn’t likely going to disappear from the Google Play Store anytime soon.

While the feature is somewhat difficult to access, it essentially performs similar functions to a variety of third-party Android apps (with a few missing features), only this file manager is built directly into Android’s OS.