Canadians will soon be able to gift friends and family members Google Play subscriptions

Canadians will soon be able to gift Google Play subscriptions to one another.

On Tuesday, Android Police spotted a new help page on the Google Play Help domain, which details how residents of Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, the United States and United Kingdom can gift month long subscriptions to the music streaming service to friends and family members.

Subscriptions given through this method are available in one, three and six month long packages, though longer subscriptions aren’t sold at a reduced per month rate. Moreover, while the option to gift someone a subscription is available in the countries listed above, residents of Canada are only able to send gifts to other Canadian residents.

Lastly, should the intended recipient refuse the gift, the person that sent it will receive a full refund.

For the time being, it appears Google is still in the process of rolling out this feature. When I went to visit the website listed in the help article, I got a 404 error back. Moreover, I couldn’t find an option within the mobile app — either on Android or iOS — to gift someone a subscription.

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