Buying a Windows 10 device? Microsoft will give you up to $350 for your old laptop

If you’re considering purchasing a new Windows 10 laptop, whether it’s a Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, or a PC from a third-party manufacturer like Asus or Lenovo, Microsoft is willing to give you a minimum of $250 CAD for your old Windows laptop – and $350 CAD if it’s a MacBook.

Microsoft’s new deal is called Easy Trade Up, and it has the company forking over cash for older laptops, but only under specific conditions. The computer you’re purchasing needs to cost $600 or more, and must be purchased from the Microsoft Store before October 20th. Customers also get their rebate when Microsoft receives their old laptop.

The laptop you send Microsoft also needs to meet specific requirements. It needs to be under six years old, have a minimum screen size of 11.6-inches, and, perhaps most importantly, it actually needs to operate properly. Microsoft Easy Trade Up program is available in the US, UK, Canada, India, Brazil, France, Germany and Taiwan.

For more info on devices that quality for Microsoft’s new Easy Trade Up program, check out this link. It’s also important to note that $250 and $350 are listed as a minimum return, depending on the condition and age of your laptop, you may receive significantly more on your trade-in.

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