Indiegogo’s charity website is relaunching as ‘Generosity’

Crowdfunding platform Indiegogo has announced it will rebrand Indiegogo Life, the subsection of its website devoted to good causes, to “Generosity.”

Launching later today, the rebranded service differs from Indiegogo’s mainstay offering in two significant ways. First, there’s no fee associated with using the website to raise money; second, it’s possible to start a campaign that does not have a definitive end date. In this respect, Generosity is not unlike alternative crowdfunding websites like Toronto-based Giveffect, which focus on charities and causes rather than products and cool ideas.

When the new website does launch, it will do so with several new high-profile initiatives, including one aimed at helping Syrian refugees and another one that wants to help get more girls enrolled in STEM education.

Indiegogo is not the only major crowdfunding platform attempting to spruce up its image. In September, Kickstarter reorganized itself as a public benefit corporation, and said it would start donating five percent of its post-tax earning to arts education organizations. Later, the company reworked its own rules to allow it the option to raise money for Syrian refugees.