Instagram releases 1-second looping video app Boomerang for iOS and Android

Instagram today released a new app, Boomerang, that loops one second of video by combining five photos into a short animation.

Available for iOS and Android, the company says, “It’s not a photo. It’s not a gif. It’s a Boomerang,” which means that these short videos are meant to live inside Instagram and its parent company, Facebook, rather than be spread on the wider web like a regular GIF.

The burst, once taken, is stitched together that plays forwards and backwards in an app that supports playback. The company says that it was “inspired by the visual stories [its customers] tell on Instagram.”

According to a company representative, the footage should look better on iOS than Android thanks to stabilization APIs built into the camera suite. This is similar to the results of Instagram’s other video capture app, Hyperlapse, which is also available for both platforms.

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