Samsung, LG and Sony mobile revenues squeezed by iPhone

It’s late October, and that means two things: Hallowe’en, and earnings calls. Of course, All Hallows Eve isn’t until this Saturday, so until then, all eyes are on financial results. In the last 24 hours, Samsung, LG and Sony all released their latest earnings, and while things look pretty good overall for Samsung, results were mixed for Sony and LG.

Overall, LG announced that its mobile division lost almost $68 million in the last quarter, while maintaining a small profit of $109 million overall. While the Nexus 5X and V10 smartphones will hopefully turn the tide, the company’s profits come from TV and appliance sales.

Sony, similarly, made a slim profit of $280 million overall, but Sony Mobile also lost money through the quarter. That being said, it has denied reports that will it exit the handset business, even though its components business has been much more profitable of late.

Finally, Samsung has returned to year-over-year growth for the first time in two years, though overall profit continues to fall as margins on their mobile phones continue to shrink in competition with companies like Apple. That being said, Samsung’s component business, including semiconductors and display panels which are used in Apple products, is also doing quite well.

If these results aren’t too surprising, it’s because it’s mainly a continuation of trends we’ve been seeing already, and none of the three companies have very rosy outlooks for the mobile sector for the next quarter, or 2016, so far.