HTC reports disappointing Q3 results, keeps future guidance to itself

HTC has been in decline in the last year, even as it released new products and entered new categories like VR and wearables. The company released its latest quarterly earnings today, with revenue of $660 million and an operating loss of $151 million. These figures are a stark contrast to last year at this time, when reported revenue was $1.3 billion and profit was $6.2 million.

As part of these financial statements, HTC has also announced that it will no longer be giving any guidance for upcoming quarters, in an effort to protect their business. Earlier this year, HTC announced the HTC Grip wearable, as well as the HTC Vive VR headset, but has yet to ship either despite efforts to do so. The Re Camera, also launched this year, has been a disappointment and was recently given a price drop to only $50 USD.

Given all the bad news HTC has had to share in the last year, it’s really no surprise they have decided to keep mostly quiet about the future until they’ve made efforts to stop the bleeding. One such attempt, the HTC One A9, has been decently well received, although HTC the device’s design has been called extremely unoriginal.

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