Touch ID not working for some iPhones running iOS 9.1

Fingerprint scanning integrated into mobile phones is one of the best security technologies, and one of the strongest forms of encryption we currently have for portable devices. The fact that scanning a unique fingerprint is so simple means that many users will enable a feature like Touch ID on the iPhone, and then basically forget it’s there.

The Touch ID on the iPhone 6s is so fast, customers are actually complaining they can’t access their lock screens. However, the possible downside of this convenience is that users can grow accustomed to it very quickly. So when reports come out saying that the iOS 9.1 update has broken Touch ID for some users, it’s a real problem.

Posts on Apple’s Support Community forum say that since updating to iOS 9.1, Touch ID is slower, or causes it to stop functioning altogether. Some users even noted that Touch ID didn’t even recognize their finger at all, and after 48 hours they were unable to even attempt to use Touch ID without first manually entering a password. The issue seems to affect both the iPhone 6 and 6s models.

While this issue doesn’t appear to be widespread, those users that are affected say that even a hard reboot or factory restore doesn’t seem to correct the issue. It’s unlikely that we will see a minor update just to fix this problem though, given that iOS 9.2 has already been in beta testing for a couple of weeks. Users who’ve encountered this issue will likely just have to enter their passcodes manually a little longer, although a visit to the Apple Store is also highly recommended.