App of the Week: Transit App

Public transportation is never fun, but one company has developed an app that comes as close as possible to making the experience of traveling on a bus or train sincerely enjoyable. If you’ve used this app, you already know what I’m talking about, it’s the work of the Montreal-based behind Transit App for iOS and Android.

Transit is a beautiful, fast and powerful app that keeps track of almost every kind of public transportation. Transit features bus, train and car sharing time with Vrtucar or car2go. The app also features Uber and bike paths. And best of all, everything in Transit App is GPS-enabled, so its data will always be updated based on your physical location.

When you open the app, you’re met with a very clean interface, a map and a list of bus and train stops near you. You can save your preferred routes as favourites ensuring they always stay at the top of your list, otherwise they’re sorted by how close the nearest stop is.


Beside each route is the time until the next bus or train arrives and you can actually tap to see a map or individual route, showing you exactly where the bus or train is, with GPS precision. No more having to guess if a bus will show up, or if you’ve missed it, because you can see for yourself right in Transit App.

The app also includes an advanced trip planner, letting you know exactly which stops you’ll be passing and where to get off very clearly.

New to the app are stop notifications, indicating when to catch your bus and also when to get off. Right from the main interface, you can see when the next few buses are coming, and you can tap to have the app remind you when you have X minutes before it shows up. Once you’re on the bus, you can set a reminder to alert you when your stop is coming up, in case you’re sleepy or it’s dark out, or both.

Transit App includes Android Wear and Apple Watch support and is completely free. This story really only scratches the surface of what Transit App has to offer, so go try it out yourself.

Go and get the app today on Android or iOS, and find Transit on the web at

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