Twitter heard your complaints; the social network is reportedly testing multiple emoji reactions

New Twitter Emojis

A few weeks ago Twitter switched its Favourites feature to instead use hearts, leading many users to hate the shift. It looks like the social network has heard your complaints and has plans to institute a fix in the near future.

Twitter user @_Ninji recently discovered that multiple reaction emoji can be selected in a specific build of the platform, including a frown, grimace, noisemaker and the all important 100.

These new emoji reactions are reportedly part of a leaked developer build that can be installed on a jailbroken version of Twitter’s iOS app. The feature seems set to operate similar to Slack’s reaction emojis, allowing users to express themselves more easily and appropriately when responding to a post. 

Hearts were heavily critiqued because “Liking” a tweet isn’t always an appropriate reaction, especially when a tragedy or death is involved.

Twitter’s new, reportedly unfinished emoji favourites also allows users to select a smiling mound of poop as a reaction. This emoji will likely receive widespread use if it is integrated into the full version of Twitter.

However, adding more emoji options goes against the simplified direction Twitter has been headed in over the last few years.

Twitter has yet to comment on the purported leak.

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