Wind Mobile launches two new unlimited data plans for the holidays

Wind Mobile

Heading into the busy holiday season, Wind Mobile has revealed its new monthly plans.

Wind’s $45/month plan is essentially the company’s discontinued $45/month plan and features unlimited data (with 3GB of full speed access), unlimited Canada/US-wide talk, unlimited global text, voicemail, unlimited US long distance, $100 off the purchase of a new phone with a WindTab and includes $10 in service credits that can be put towards international calling and roaming (plus an extra $5 if you bring your own phone).

In addition, Wind’s $55/month plan is identical to its $50/month plan but features 8GB of full speed internet access, unlimited roaming and also includes $10 or $15 in service credits.

Wind Mobile has over 800,000 wireless subscribers and Tony Lacavera, former Wind Mobile CEO and Chairman of Globalive Capital, said in February, “We will pass over 1,000,000 customers at Wind Mobile this year.”

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