Cadillac Fairview malls across Canada now let shoppers text a real person for answers to mall-related questions

Eatons Centre

Visit Toronto’s Eatons Centre this holiday season and you’re bound to see a variety of signs advertising a new service called CF SHOP! Text. Want to know where the closest Bell carrier store is located (there are two in the Eatons Centre, and more if you count ventures like Wireless Wave)?

Send an SMS to the mall’s dedicated number — (416) 639-0576 — and a Cadillac Fairview representative will point you in the right direction. You can also send more general inquiries — like, say, a question about what kind of vegetarian options the Eatons Centre extensive food court offers.

Launching ahead of what is sure to be another busy holiday shopping season, the goal of the service is to help give shoppers better access to the advance guest services that malls like the Eatons Centre offer.


One of the signs advertising the new SHOP! Text service.

To start, CF SHOP! Text is rolling out at eight different Cadillac Fairview owned malls, including the Pacific Centre in Vancouver, the Chinook Centre in Calgary, Masonville Place in London, Ontario, the before mentioned Eatons Centre, Sherway Gardens in Toronto, the Rideau Centre in Ottawa, Carrefour Laval in Laval, Quebec and Galeries d’Anjou in Montreal. Sometime in 2016 the property management firm will rollout the service to its 12 other mall locations across Canada.

The service can be accessed through the Cadillac Fairview SHOP! app, available on both Android and the iOS. Once installed, the app provides users with a specific number they can use to contact their local Cadillac Fairview mall.

If this sounds this familiar, it’s because Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto launched the same type of service at the start of November. Like Yorkdale, Cadillac Fairview has called upon a backend called Kipsu to be able to offer SHOP! Text.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Ian Freimuth.