Outlook for Android gets closer to a unified organizer with new design

Microsoft surprised a lot of people when it so quickly and deftly turned its $200 million Acompli acquisition into an impressive cross-platform version of Outlook for mobile.

Earlier this month, the company announced that it was shuttering another of its expensive acquisitions, Sunrise Calendar, and integrating it into Outlook for Mobile, with Sunrise’s design team taking over as architects of Outlook’s user experience.

Initially available as a visual refresh to Outlook’s iOS app, today brings an overhauled user interface for Android, adding a significant amount of polish and additional Material Design flourishes. While full Sunrise integration has yet to come to either the iOS or Android app, changes, like the relocation of the calendar and file directory to the sliding drawer, make the app feel less busy and more intuitive. In fact, but for the calendar integration (which is admittedly pretty good), Outlook feels increasingly like a Gmail clone with a blue colour scheme.

Still, Outlook’s support for Office 365 and Exchange makes it a powerful tool for consumers and business users alike, and now that it operates more like Gmail integrated with a great calendar and cloud file storage system makes it particularly useful.

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