You’ll need to take a saw to the Apple Pencil if you want to replace its battery

Apple Pencil

It may cost an arm and a leg to acquire, but iFixit was able to obtain Apple’s elusive new iPad Pro accessory, the Apple Pencil, for its traditional teardown routine.

Apple PencilAfter taking a circular saw to the Pencil’s exterior plastic casing, iFixit found a second metal casing (seen above). Once it opened up this inner casing, the website found the accessory’s logic board, a minuscule one gram affair that Apple had to fold in half in order to fit it inside of the Pencil.

Apple PencilExploring further, iFixit found a tiny 3.82V 0.329 Whr battery, which, the site notes, is able to hold five percent of the charge of an iPhone battery. Inside the nib of the Pencil is a tiny sensor that assists with tracking.

Apple PencilIn the end, the Apple Pencil scored one out of 10 on the website’s repairability scale, a fact that’s not surprising given the extreme lengths iFixit had to go through to get at the accessory’s internals.

Head over to iFixit for the complete teardown.

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Images courtesy of iFixit.