SaskTel lowers US and international roaming prices


SaskTel has become the latest Canadian carrier to start offering more compelling roaming packages for its subscribers.

Starting on November 26, SaskTel customers who travel to the United States and use their smartphone while in the country will see reduced roaming charges. Data-related roaming charges have been reduced to 7¢ per MB, while call charges have been lowered to 7¢ per minute. This works out to $35 per 500MB of data.

In addition, roaming rates while in Mexico, Netherlands, Australia, Portugal, Bermuda and Costa Rica have likewise been reduced. Instead of paying up to $15 per MB used in one of those countries, SaskTel customers can now expect to pay a maximum of $1 per MB used.

The carrier is also launching five new Roam & Relax travel add-on plans. Unlike something like Roam like Home, these plans are subscription based and are designed for frequent travellers. Like the newly reduced roaming charges, these will be rolled out on November 26.

SaskTel subscribers who travel frequently to the United States have access two different plans. The first, priced at $50 per month, grants the customer access to 1GB of data and 250 minutes of talk time while traveling. The second plan, priced at $70 per month, comes with 2GB of included data and 500 minutes of talk time. For those that go over their initial limit, both these plans are subject to the new, lower roaming fees SaskTel plans to implement later this week.

The international version of this package starts at $25 per month for 15 minutes of included talk time and no data. A more expensive package priced at $65 per month includes 30 calling minutes and 20 MB of data. The most expensive package includes a equal mix of 50 call minutes and 50 MB of data for $100.

We’ll update this article with links to the relevant webpages once SaskTel updates its website.