[Update] Lumia 950 now sold out, Microsoft giving $25 credit to those who pre-ordered for shipping delays

Lumia 950

Microsoft’s latest smartphones are in demand.

Announced at an event in New York in October, the Lumia 950 and larger Lumia 950 XL have had a rough ride to retail shelves. Since no carriers have thrown their support behind Microsoft’s new flagships, the company has been forced to sell them exclusively through their online and retail stores.

Both devices were expected to start shipping on November 25th, but the 950 XL shipping quickly slipped to December 11th, and were finally halted due to inventory issues.

Today, Canadians who pre-ordered the Lumia 950 have received word from Microsoft that there will be a delay until at least December 14th — Microsoft is also showing this date on its site. For the inconvenience, Microsoft is offering a $25 credit that can be put towards the purchase, or accessories for the device.

While it’s clear that the new Lumias are proving popular to hardcore Microsoft enthusiasts, early reviews out of the US say that the phones still suffer from a huge app gap compared to iOS and Android, but the phone’s camera and performance are in line with the latest flagships from those competing platforms.

Update: Sure looks like Canadians really want the new Microsoft Windows 10 smartphones. Last week, the Lumia 950 XL sold out of initial stock and today, it’s the Lumia 950 turn. Microsoft has now stopped pre-orders and informed those interested to sign up for email updates to know when additional stock becomes available.

sold out

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