Free WiFi arrives at Bathurst and Christie TTC subway stations, Twitter Canada sponsors December access


After hinting last week that he had a major announcement to share regarding the continued rollout of free WiFi across TTC stations, commission spokesperson Brad Ross today announced Toronto commuters will be able to access WiFi while at Castle Frank, Sherbourne, Bathurst and Christie stations.

The availability of free WiFi at Castle Frank and Sherbourne Stations was more or less revealed several weeks ago, but Bathurst and Christie Stations are indeed new to the list of now 22 different stops where WiFi is available on Toronto’s subway system.

The commission also announced that Twitter Canada is exclusively sponsoring WiFi on the TTC throughout the month of December. Anyone with a Twitter account will be able to automatically log on and use the TTC’s WiFi network for free. Those without a Twitter account will have to create one to access the network.

“We have research that shows that commuting and times in transit are often the times that our users hop on Twitter,” said Cam Gordon, senior communications manager at Twitter Canada. “Our new partnership with the TTC will give Twitter users new and old the chance to stay connected free of charge while in many key subway stations.”

BAI Canada, the firm overseeing the installation and maintenance of the TTC’s WiFi network, says it plans to bring WiFi to 25 additional stations by the end of next summer. The goal is to have the entire subway system covered by early 2017.