The Deer God is coming to Apple TV in all its pixelated glory

The Deer God

Pixel art is everywhere these days, especially in the world of mobile gaming, but every once in awhile a game comes along that manages to combine the popular retro aesthetic with modern visual sensibilities.

Apart from titles like Sword and Sworcery — made by Toronto-based Capybara Game — one of the few titles to accomplish this visual feel is Crescent Moon Games‘ The Deer God. The developer has managed to add a unique sense of depth to its game’s pixelated visuals, giving The Deer God an impressive combination of both modern and retro graphics.

And now, according to a recent tweet from Crescent Moon Games, the unique platformer is headed to the Apple TV, a device that currently does not feature an abundant number of platformers in its library (unless you count endless runners). The Deer God’s official Apple TV release date is December 17th, 2015.

Despite being a beautiful game, The Deer God’s initial release was plagued by a variety of technical problems. Hopefully Crescent Moon Games have fixed the game’s various control issues and bugs with this release.

As a side note, unlike most indie mobile gems, The Deer God first landed on Android before making the jump to iOS.

The Deer God is available on iOS for $7.99 and Android for $6.59 (and the Apple TV soon). The game is also available on steam for $16.99.