Turn your smartphone into a Lightsaber with Google’s new Chrome game

Google Star Wars thing

Are you tired of Star Wars yet? No? Then we have a treat for you.

A new Google experiment allows you to turn your smartphone into a Lightsaber thanks to its built-in accelerometer. Developed in collaboration with Disney and Lucasfilm, the game’s story begins on a Star Destroyer where the player is tasked with escaping the First Order.

By swinging your smartphone around, which moves the in-game Lightsaber, you’re able to deflect blaster shots back at the oncoming onslaught of stormtroopers.

The experience is browser based and runs entirely from chrome. Previous Chrome games allowed players to bowl and play Pong, but this Star Wars crossover is the most impressive yet.

Star Wars Chrome Game

Google and Disney’s Star Wars game is available to all Chrome users with access to a smartphone that features an accelerometer.

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