Android 6.1 to reportedly feature split-screen support, will launch in June 2016

Pixel C

If recent rumours are correct, it looks like Android 6.1 Marshmallow is set to launch in June 2016, likely at Google I/O, and will include split-screen support,  an often-requested feature, and good news for Pixel C owners. One of the laptop-tablet hybrid’s most significant problems is its lack of multi-screen support, especially when compared to the iPad Pro and Surface Pro 4.

Third-party manufacturers like Samsung have augmented Android with split-screen capabilities for a number of years now, but Google has yet to take a similar step, which would be necessary for extensive developer support. Rumours that split-screen will be one of Android 6.1’s most prominent features have once again surfaced on Android Geeks, courtesy of its “reliable sources.”

The site reports that Google’s Android 6.1 update is expected to be announced in June, and will reportedly also feature an improved method of dealing with permissions.

Last year, Android 5.1 released towards the beginning of March, and Android 4.4 KitKat received its last update in June 2014.

Google has long been criticized for not taking the tablet version of its mobile operating system seriously. While Android is a highly customizable and versatile smartphone OS, it’s far from optimized for tablets, especially when it comes to apps that have been built from the ground up with tablets in mind.

The Pixel C’s team also discussed the possibility of Android 6.1 splitscreen support during a recent Reddit AMA.

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