Google may hold an online poll to decide the name of Android N

android marshmallow

Earlier in the day, Google CEO Sundar Pichai sat down in a auditorium full of students at the University of Delhi to take part in question and response period. Mostly, he talked about his career path and life, though there was one tidbit, caught by Android Police, that every Android user will find interesting.

Partway through the Q&A, Pichai was asked why Google had not named at least one version of Android after a Indian sweet or dessert. After a smile, Pichai answered:

“You know, when I meet my mom I’ll ask her for suggestions. But maybe I’ll, the next time we’re working on the next release of Android, maybe we’ll do an online poll to decide what the name should be, and if all Indians vote… I think we can make it happen.”

Typically, the name of Android’s next version is a closely guarded secret, and a lot of the fun associated with a new release of the OS is guessing what it will be called. Google letting users decide the name would be something new for the company.

Pichai is back in his home country for his company’s Google for India event. As a part of the event, Google announced Tap to Translate, a forthcoming Android feature that will bring system-wide translation to the mobile operating system.

The more-than-hour-long Q&A from the University of Delhi is available on YouTube, though if you want to jump to Pichai’s comment about allowing Android users to vote on the name of the operating system’s next version, skip to approximately the 47 minute mark. Otherwise, the video is an interesting insight into both Google’s new CEO and the company’s plans for the sub-continent.

What do you think Google should name the next version of Android? Like always, the possibilities are near endless: Android Nutella… Android Nerds… Android Nuts…

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