Google has released a new Spotlight Story called Special Delivery

Christmas is about spending time with family and the people you care about, but there are also a lot of stories to be told this time of year. As new technology is developed, interesting and immersive stories can be told in fun and creative ways. With Google Spotlight Stories on Android and iOS, Google aims to do just that.

Just in time for Christmas, Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects Group (ATAP) has collaborated with Aardman Animations (the Oscar-winning studio behind Wallace and Gromit), to bring a new short film to YouTube, and to Google Spotlight Stories on Android. The film is called Special Delivery, and there’s a lot of surprises in store.

The short is available on YouTube for Android, iOS and on the web in 360 degrees, and there’s a further interactive version with Google Spotlight Stories. The full project includes 10 sub-plots, three different ways to see the ending, and many options to follow the story in different ways.

Google and ATAP recommend several viewings to actually find all the surprises in store and include the caveat that each viewing is unique. Versions of the short film can be found on YouTube on all platforms, and the special immersive version will only work with compatible Android devices for now.

[source]Official Google Blog[/source]